HD Video Editing

There’s editors and then there’s editors….and then there’s CES editors.  Ours are the BEST on every level you’d like them to be.  Our veteran editors are just who you want editing your next project. Why? Because they GET IT! Any editor can push buttons on a computer and maybe even put something nice looking together, but what you want is an editor who will place themselves within your company’s culture to ensure that the video you are producing stays on brand and clearly, quickly and creatively communicates the message.

Our editors are experts in storytelling, marketing and branding and make up one of the most creative and talented teams you will ever have the pleasure of working with.

Post Supervisor

Sound Design

Animated Opening

Animated Logos

Color Grading

Original Music

Music Score

Media Streaming

Script Writing or Revision


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MacPro 3.0GHz 8 Core System with 16Gigs of RAM
Blackmagic HD-SDI I/O Card
Two eSATA Connections
Final Cut Studio 3.0
Adobe Creative Suite CS5
Two 23” Monitors
One 40” Client LCD Monitor
One Panasonic BT-LH1710

SFX Libraries
Royalty Free Music Libraries
Animated Backgrounds
High Definition Stock Footage Libraries

Final Cut Pro
Motion DVD Studio Pro
Soundtrack Pro
After Effects
Media Encoder
Flip4Mac Pro