Web Site Hosting and Streaming

Critical to the image of your conference and organization, is the reliability and security of your online presence and conference website. Prospective attendees visiting your site expect it available and operational 24 hours a day. They expect your pages to load quickly on any browser as well as your navigation and links to be functional.

With today’s technology, attendees demand mobile accessibility on their iPhones, Androids, Blackberrys and iPads. CES web hosting and management meet those fundamental requirements with the powerful infrastructures necessary to provide the consistent user experience demanded today.

With just about all conference registration being done online today, security is not only important to the attendee, but to your company as well. Attendees need to feel safe that their personal information being entered online is safeguarded from being being stolen by hackers or sold to advertisers.

Dedicated Servers

Managed Services

Backup and Recovery

Registration and eCommerce Security