Multi-Camera Video Taping Coverage

Are you looking to have your next meeting or event recorded and maybe even switched like real television show or possibly even live to the big screen (IMAG) or even a live web stream?

We have two Multi-Camera packages, one is for recording only so that the footage can be edited at a later date and the other is a live switch between the three plus camera, just like you would see on television.

The live switch can be utilized three separate ways: IMAG, live to tape and streamed live over the web. We can take our multi-camera switch and go live to a big screen for your audience (aka IMAG), we can record it to tape for future editing, online on-demand streaming or archival purposes or we can broadcast to the world with live web streaming.

Jib Arm


Audio for Video Sound Mixer

Live Web Stream

Production Assistant

Iso-Cam Record Decks

CAMERA PACKAGE: Sony EX1 or Panasonic 200 with tripod and monitor
SOUND PACKAGE: 1 Lavalier Microphone and 1 Shotgun Microphone
LABOR: 1 Videographe

Live Events

Corporate Meeting General Sessions


Company/Board/Annual Meetings

Town Hall Meetings