Fundraising & Philanthropy

Charities, special interest groups and organizations have been using video for years as a tool to raise awareness and solicit contributions. Nothing has changed today, except one thing, the effective penetration and efficiency of  Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Our team works effectively in producing content geared directly at raising funds and promoting events through these social networking channels.

Red Camera Package

Cine HD Camera Package

Light & Grip Trucks

HMI/Keno/Tungsten Packages

2nd Unit Assembly

Jib Arm


Camera Slider & Dolly

Craft Services & Catering

Canon 7D/Mark ii DSLR with PL Mount, Tripod, High & Low Hat
3 Ton Grip Truck with Tungsten, Kino and HMI Packages
Production Manager
Assistant Director
Director of Photography
Camera Operator
Assistant Camera
Two Grips
Sound Mixer
2 Production Assistants
Hair & Makeup
Craft Services and Catering

Corporate Video

Extreme Interviews

Industrial Videos


Convention/Trade Show Video

Web Video


Short Films

Feature Length Films