Presentation Development

The focused attention span of an adult is eight seconds, with a sustained attention span of up to 20 minutes. If your audience can not clearly absorb the information you are attempting to present because of poor design elements like: text size, colors or the wealth of information so many presenters “think” their audience needs to see, then the audience’s commitment to staying focused is compromised at best.

It’s our Presentation Developer’s thoughtful approach to each Power Point or Keynote produced, to clearly drive home the intended message of each presentation. If they can’t see it, they can’t remember it; bullet points, nicely configured in a box on the left side of the screen were great…right after overhead projectors were deemed old school. Today we have a wide open canvas that when used strategically is effective, but more importantly is simplifies the viewing experience for your audience, allowing them to understand and retain the message of each one of your slides.

CES Presentation Developers will come to your office or work with you over the web to recreate your presentations, making sure they hit three key areas of a first class presentation: effective messaging, dynamic visuals and simplistic presenter navigation. If it looks like Power Point or doesn’t function in autopilot while the presenter is on stage, then it’s not first class; we don’t let that happen.

Effective Messaging

A clear and direct approach to communicating with your audience via Power Point or Keynote presentations. Insuring that ONLY pertinent information is displayed on the screen at any point in time, that is clearly visible and of an appropriate size and color; preventing information overload and strain to the viewer.

Dynamic Visuals

Graphics, photos, video clips and text elements can all work in favor of your brand and each of your presentation’s slides, when implemented properly. Our presentation developers work with your presenters to clearly define their message making sure the visual representation is carried through with continuity.

Presenter Navigation

If your presenter is worried about what happens the next time he or she advances their slide deck, or has to press the “advance slide” button to frequently, then their deck is complicating their delivery. The simplistic functionality of a presentation should allow for presenters to put their presentation into autopilot and never have to think about it again.