Custom Power Point Templates

CES professionals have been designing conference Power Point templates for over a decade. We are in the communications business and so are you. Visual appeal and layout set the tone and creditability of each speaker’s presentation and we take ownership in that. It’s important your audience know you care about them and the information you are sharing. CES helps you make that happen.

Creditability of a presenter can be greatly diminished by the use of stock, pre-loaded Power Point templates. Our designers are artists and our artists are communicators; they’re here to insure the effectiveness and success of your presentation.

CES designers produce templates based around three key areas that define effective presentation templates: theme, branding and content clarity. We work closely with meeting planners and producers to creatively fashion original, attention capturing templates that maximize the effectiveness of your content and maintain the creditability of your company and its conference.


The design of Power Point templates should be a reflection of your conferences theme to insure continuity. We work with you to develop a slide that compliments all of your other graphic and design efforts at your conference.


Branding is a critical element of every Power Point template. Your company’s colors, fonts and logo elements should all be applied to each template according to your company’s style guide parameters. When your attendees look up and see a presentation, they should know that it’s yours.

Content Clarity

The clear visibility of your presentation content is determined by the design of your template. Making templates with specific layouts for different types of content allows your speaker options when creating their own decks. Limiting and locking decks prevent them from straying outside of the template’s style guidelines.

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