Custom Keynote Design

CES presentation developers were some of the first to adopt Apple’s Keynote software for creating cutting edge presentation experiences. Keynote offers the ability to integrate dynamic content with visual effects, that when used strategically, allow the speaker’s content to achieve maximum retainability of its viewers. Our designers work with clients, breaking down average Power Point presentations and restructuring them into effective communication tools used to capture the attention of their audience and never let go. With the use of enriching transitions, brilliant text effects, video rolls and clever sound effects, Keynote is the Maserati of powerful, sleek presentation tools.

For Producers, Keynote has become a powerful tool to enhance set design alternatives. Pipe and drape with up lit set pieces are okay, but through the use of projection screens on your stage, the ability to have backgrounds of your set change from speaker to speaker with dynamic graphic and text elements pertinent to each presenter, will up the “production value” of your meeting and let your audience know you care about their conference going experience.  Whether being used for effective presentations or for the production value of your set, Keynote is the quintessential tool that should be used on each show.

  • Speaker Presentations
  • Speaker Title Slides
  • Animated Backgrounds
  • General Session Projector Blends
  • Breakout Session Decks with Multimedia Integration