Sometimes you need to catch them as their passing by, and what better way to do it then with a good, old-fashioned posting. Capture the attention of everyone quickly and easily with our Ultra High Resolution Outdoor Banners. We offer many substrates and sizes to choose from. Our weather-resistant banners can be one or two sided, hemmed, and with or without grommets. These are great for Billboards, Events, Sports Team Banners and more. We have banners for every application.

Sizes Offered- 1′ x 2′ up to 15.5′ x 22′ and everything in between

Outdoor Banners

10 oz. Scrim Vinyl Banner – Matte - Duratex 10 oz. Scrim Banner is lightweight and strong. This is a tear resistant film and can be used as a front-lit banner. It will withstand all types of outdoor environments. The quality rating on this “Good”

13 oz. Scrim Vinyl Banner – Matte/Gloss- Duratex 13 oz. Scrim Banner is also lightweight and strong. The topcoat is formulated to achieve consistent image quality and an optimum color reproduction.  The quality rating on this “Better”

15 oz. Supreme Vinyl Banner Ultima® Supreme FL is one of the strongest, most versatile front-lit banner materials on the market. Tear and Fade resistant, its smooth nature is perfect for billboards, banners, and truck-side applications. When “Free Hanging” the material is designed to hang straight with little to no curling. The quality rating on this “Best”

Indoor Banners

15 oz. Super Smooth Scrim Vinyl Banner - A sturdy PVC banner that utilizes Block-Out Technology, a non-transparent center layer that blocks out backside light from shining through, perfect for double-sided printing. The quality rating of this “Good”

15 oz. Super Smooth Block-out - Ultraflex Super Smooth Block-out is a semi-matte material.  Manufactured with Block-Out Technology, it is suitable for single or double sided printing as well. This material is unparalleled in printability and is ideal for high-end interior retail display, Point of Purchase displays, Trade Show Graphics and Retractable Banner Stands. The quality rating of this “Best”


Hemming is available on top and bottom only or on all 4 sides.

All 4 corners.
Pole Pockets-
4 in. All 4 sides
2 in. All 4 sides
4 in. Top and bottom
2 in. Top and bottom
4 in. Left and Right
2 in. Left and Right
4 in. Top Only
2 in. Top Only
4 in. Bottom Only
2 in. Bottom Only